Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essential Plants for Conservation and Income Generation Farmers

Essential Plants for Conservation and Income Generation Farmers
Floods and landslides proliferate throughout the country. Disasters can be prevented by doing conservation. Essential plant can be used for conservation, because it has a high added value. Which is essential crops including plant citronella, ylang-ylang or klausena. Utilization of essential plant as vegetation conservation model has been developed in the city SawahluntoSerai commercial scale is a plant that has many benefits in addition to the cuisine lemongrass fragrance is also useful to prevent the disease. Serai (lemongrass) is a versatile herb that is used in the homeopathic treatment, the beauty and cleaning products.

To initiate cultivation of lemon grass lemongrass plant can follow the following ways:

     Prepare a complete lemon grass tillers from the base of the stem to the leaves, separate them if you want to plant a role in pots, provide a pot with a
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     Clean the area who would like to be planted later in the planting hole with a depth of 10 cm. If you want to plant lemongrass in a pot then the contents of the pot with soil, fertilizer chaff. Third its composition, enter the soil in the pot planting seedlings into pots of lemon grass, flush and put it in a place exposed to the sun.
     Flush the plants every morning and evening if not raining.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Estos animales tienen unos genitales o diocious separadas

Estos animales tienen unos genitales o diocious separadas, es ovipora el óvulo y el espermatozoide tienen numerosos y microscópica. Mejillones Padres sexo esperma maduro y huevo en el agua para que la mezcla y luego se produce la fecundación, el óvulo fecundado después de 24 horas luego de escotilla y se convierten en larvas y luego convertirse en una disputa que todavía es planctónica hasta la edad de 15 a 20 días después semilla / escupido adjuntar al sustrato y será un mejillón adulto (padre) después de 5-6 meses después.
Se espera que la ubicación de la zona de cultivo de mejillón verde a cumplir con los siguientes requisitos: Al abrigo de las corrientes fuertes.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Palm trees with shallow roots and widening

Palm trees with shallow roots and widening will be very helpful to prevent soil erosion. Similarly, with a fairly dense leaves and stems are covered with a layer of fibers, will be very effective to hold rainwater and fall directly to the surface soil. Besides palm trees that grow well on the cliffs, would be very good as a tree p [encegah landslide erosion.

b. Production function

The production function of miulai palm tree can be obtained from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit. In Java palm roots are used for a variety of Traditional Medicine (Heyne, 1927; Dongen, 1913 in Burkil 1935). Fresh roots can produce a wine that can be used as a cure constipation, cure dysentery and lung disease drug.

The stems are hard to use as an ingredient in
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Young leaves, veins and leaf sheath, also can be used for wrapping cigarettes, sticks and bottle caps instead of cork. Flower stalks when cut will produce a liquid juice containing sugars and can be processed into palm sugar or palm wine (Steenis et al, 1975). The fruit can be processed into food like fro that is widely used to mix the ice. Compote or preserves can also be made to and fro.
According to Evan, each palm tree can produce five palm sugar belt weighing up to 15 kilograms per day. Palm sugar price per bundle cost Rp 25,000 or Rp 9,000 per kilogram (kg). From the sale of palm sugar he could pocket a turnover of around Rp 1.5 million to Rp 2 million per day.

Plus the turnover from the sale of seeds, revenue could reach Rp 45 million to Rp 60 million per month. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

Farmers purchased seeds generally are 2 months old, still with a little needle-shaped leaves that have been formed. In my experience, this is the stage palm seeds that can be delivered remotely via express courier or the like. When the seeds are
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