Thursday, May 29, 2014

After confirmation, the Japanes

After confirmation, the Japanese ants will then be sent a photograph and proof of delivery receipt of the package and JNE to your email address.
Healthy is everything, always
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Japanese ants are rare and a new thing. However, these ants used in Japan turned out to treat various diseases. Ants Japan is efficacious for diseases including diabetes, gout, stroke, high blood pressure. To stabilize your current stamina too often late for office work also can.
For the buyer, we do not give price is too high, because we intend to help people in need for treatment, the other place is still offered at a price above Rp. 10.000, - even (in the TV review date 21 April 2014 there are still sellers determine the price of Rp. 15,000.00 per tail, red 23 April 2014).
In addition, customers who purchase Japanese Ants will get along with cotton tape that has been sprinkled with yeast. Cotton for menangkar eggs, while the yeast is Ants Japanese food.
If you want to sprinkle yeast, does not need too much. Consumers who buy Japanese Ants do not have to worry to take him, we have prepared a place for ants japan jar. For two to six months, this Japanese Ant already proliferate rapidly.
Consumers who do not have enough diseases to consume two fish per day. As for people with the disease, one day should consume up to five tails. "When consumed, can be embedded in other media such as a banana or using empty capsules can be purchased at apotik2. Benefits, efficacy and how to consume it you can read here.
Further information (orders) contact Joko Purwanto 081 364 121 532 or 0818774809 or email
Sreenshot ants delivery japan: (Proo
Pulau Tidungf Enterprises Us) please check your receipt number (in the upper right corner below the barcode) in NTB Mataram

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Important things before making a decision to start

Important things before making a decision to start a hydroponic cultivation of peppers including the preparation of nursery , nursery , variety selection , planting ( transplanting ) pest and disease control , fertilizing , harvesting and post- harvest and , marketing and so on .
There are several questions you should ask yourself BEFORE YOU ST Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di IndonesiaART , including : Why do you want to start in this business ? In this situation there is an assumption that we started because of this benefit .

Is the location suitable for growing peppers ? Plateau about 1,000 m above sea level , temperature 27 degrees Celsius during the day , night temperature 18 degrees Celsius , enough water supply , not far from the market and sebagainya.Siapa that will take care of the garden from day to day ? A person who has skills in technical , social and management will do the job routine and not afraid to get dirty hands and clothes . *
* How are you going to start ? Of course, depending on how much money you have , the quality and experience of the manager and your staff , the level of technology to be used and so on .
* When are you going to start ? After conducting technical and economic feasibility studies seriously . Do not be too Sepat believe the new information to the specialist you hear or you've just met .
* How much you have to invest ? Depending on a few things such as technology , quality inputs you use , location management , consultants , suppliers , and others .
* Investment and operating costs for the first year around Rp.125.000 , - s / d 325.000 , - per square meter can be even greater .
* Estimated profit is Rp . 10.000 , - s / d Rp . 30,000 per square meter , but may also be smaller .
Almost the same as other commodities , other commodities , commodity peppers with hidroponikpun done seeding system first. Beginning of the breeding period of the farming system is very important because it will determine the success or failure of the plant at the time of production .

Facilities, equipment and materials to be prepared Nursery , Seedling Tray / container , seed ( seed peppers existing examples such as spertacus F1 , Goldflame F1 , F1 kelvin ) , Media seedlings ( Rockwool-Grodan/Sekam fuel , etc. ) , Thermometer and Hygrometer , Tweezers , nursery room / nursery closet and spray equipment ( hand sprayer ) .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Yanmg fertilizer meant here is the advanced fertilization , ie after the 2 -week -old maize plants , by means of maize plants sown on the boltUrea was also given after the corn crop was 40 days , with the aim menungkatkan quantity and quality tongko , corn .
Agen Bola Online5 . Provision salt englishThe purpose of giving the English salt on corn is for :

Enhancing the growth of leaves sruktur
Enhancing the growth of corn cobs
Strengthen the resilience of corn plants against disease , such as downy mildew
How provision of English salt on corn are as follows :

Dissolve salt in water with English 4:1 ratio
Spray it on the leaves of plants
Spray each semnggu once for 4 consecutive weeks .

6 . Disposal male flowersDisposal of male flowers on corn carried out when the male flowers , but before the flowers bloom , so pollination has not occurred .The purpose of the disposal of the male flowers are to :

The transfer of the power / energy on making cob
gar corn cobs into larger
In order cobs into more
Disposal of male flowers is done after 40 days of planting , to plant corn grown in the lowlands . As for the corn plants grown in the highlands , the flowering of male flowers is done after 50 days of planting , because of differences in the intensity of sunlight received .
Disposal male flowers are as follows :

Shake the rod slowly , do not be too hard because it can damage the flowers ,
Note the leaf midrib , wait until the leaf midrib widened .
If the leaf midrib has been widened , then cavutlah male flowers on stalks of corn tanman carefully .

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E. Control of Pests and DiseasesPest and disease activity in maize corn crop is done in order not to have health problems , which eventually disrupt production.Control of pests and diseases can be done in 2 ways , namely :

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Dragon Fang , koi type selection depends appetite

The Dragon Fang , koi type selection depends appetite . Nevertheless it is acknowledged , the dominance of three colors in a koi pond will create dark stains .
Koi Health and Water Quality
Also had type , the most important thing to keep
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014  in mind when choosing a koi is health . This is allowed by David Pool .
That can be done by careful observations , ask the seller to separate selected koi plastic tubs . In separate places will be easy to distinguish between sick and healthy koi .types of koi fish , koi fish farming , video koi fish pictures , pictures of fish ponds , koi filter , koi fish price , fish diseases koi , koi fish pond
The combination of koi in the pond type hanging themselves, but in its place of origin , Kohaku , is most duitamakan
Koi pain will usually be alone in the corner of the pond, gills moving fast , and ' gasp ' as out of breath . Koi fish sick often caused Poor water quality .ya koi fishBy admin on 9 May 2013 langkahbisnis viewed at : 16.392 timeTweetpin ItHow to complete koi fish farming
How to complete koi fish farming
How to complete the cultivation of koi fish - Koi including exotic ornamental fish more fans. Besides kept as a hobby, koi can also be a promising business area . Of course for those who are really serious about menekuninya . In addition to the charm of beautiful colors and lekukannya , privileges of koi is shown when the merits of the pops and jumps into the water. It's a special view of a hobby to keep them.
The things that must be considered when obtaining memijahkan is the availability of a swimming koi fish , koi parent preparation , preparation of fodder seeds, and conduct strict selection .How to complete koi fish farming

spawning pool
Spawning pool may not be the one with the
LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA  garden pond. Spawning pool should have a door entry and door tersendiri.Selain water production , the entire pool can be diplester and dried thoroughly.