Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essential Plants for Conservation and Income Generation Farmers

Essential Plants for Conservation and Income Generation Farmers
Floods and landslides proliferate throughout the country. Disasters can be prevented by doing conservation. Essential plant can be used for conservation, because it has a high added value. Which is essential crops including plant citronella, ylang-ylang or klausena. Utilization of essential plant as vegetation conservation model has been developed in the city SawahluntoSerai commercial scale is a plant that has many benefits in addition to the cuisine lemongrass fragrance is also useful to prevent the disease. Serai (lemongrass) is a versatile herb that is used in the homeopathic treatment, the beauty and cleaning products.

To initiate cultivation of lemon grass lemongrass plant can follow the following ways:

     Prepare a complete lemon grass tillers from the base of the stem to the leaves, separate them if you want to plant a role in pots, provide a pot with a
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     Clean the area who would like to be planted later in the planting hole with a depth of 10 cm. If you want to plant lemongrass in a pot then the contents of the pot with soil, fertilizer chaff. Third its composition, enter the soil in the pot planting seedlings into pots of lemon grass, flush and put it in a place exposed to the sun.
     Flush the plants every morning and evening if not raining.

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